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Corcoran State Prison

The Corcoran State Prison, formally known as the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran, is a male only facility that is located in Kings County in the city of Corcoran. The Corcoran State Prison is considered to be a medium to maximum security facility, housing over 7,600 inmates. 
The Corcoran State Prison was first constructed to have a total capacity of less than 3,500, which is more than double the amount of prisoners currently held there. The Corcoran State Prison first opened in 1997, with the ultimate goal in mind of not only providing for the necessary facilities to house prisoners, but to also provide treatment to criminals with a history of substance abuse.
The Corcoran State Prison sits on about 280 acres of land, providing for various types of facilities. The housing units are separated into levels, with Level I housing entailing the least security. Level II housing contains open dormitories surrounded by fences. Level III housing contains cells with fenced perimeters as well as armed surveillance. Level IV housing includes the same security measures as those in Level III, with the addition of more staff and armed surveillance as well as electronic security.
The most famous facility and program involves two institutions that house over 700 inmates each, which are meant to provide for the substance abuse treatment for those inmates that are considered to be of minimal risk. Actor Robert Downey Jr. is famously known to be one of the celebrities to have served time at Corcoran State Prison and was housed in this particular facility. 



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