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Washington County Jail

Washington County JailKing County Jail

The King County jail is located in downtown Seattle, and acts as the city’s primary correctional facility. The King County jail not only confines thousands of inmates, it also offers numerous programs to facilitate an individual’s re-entry into the community. The facility also provides numerous educational programs and therapy-based programs to pinpoint the inmate’s problems and offer a solution to overcome them. The King County jail has a fully operational website that offers a user a full roster of inmates, their permissible visiting hours, bail options, and their respective booking date.

Snohomish County Jail

The Snohomish County jail is located in Everett, Washington. The correctional facility offers numerous programs for both the incarcerated individual, and his or her family. The correctional officers and employees of the jail also offer incarcerated individuals medical services, commissary accounts, and educational programs that provide classes designed to further an incarcerated individual’s knowledge in religion, treatment methods, and other educational topics. The Snohomish County prison is a highly organized correctional facility; each inmate is classified and subsequently housed by a full evaluation method which takes into account the individuals history, his or her crime, and their behavior while confined. All pertinent information concerning an inmate’s rights, visitation hours, an inmate roster, and anything else pertaining to the correctional facility can be found at the website of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office.

Pierce County Jail

The Pierce County jail is located in Tacoma Washington. The prison is a medium to maximum facility that consists of two separate facilities: the New Jail and a Main Jail. The Pierce County jail presently confines 1,300 inmates. As a result of its size, the prison must be highly organized to run efficiently. The Pierce County Jail has an extensive classification system that groups its inmates based on a 1 thru 8 ranking system. Level 1 is reserved for the most dangerous individuals while the 8th level is the minimum security or work-release portion of the facility. The Pierce County website contains a comprehensive jail roster, which lists all inmates confined in the facility, their respective charge, booking date, and bail amount.

Whatcom County Jail

The Whatcom County jail is located in Bellingham, Washington. The facility is a minimum to medium security prison that aims to teach its inmates valuable life lessons through the installment of a comprehensive educational and treatment-based program. The Whatcom County website has a full roster of inmates that allows family members, friends, and victims of the inmates to track and locate the incarcerated individual. The Whatcom County jail possesses three floors; the first and third floors hold women inmates. Visiting hours for inmates within the facility are coordinated with the inmate’s housing assignment.

Clark County Jail

Clark County jail is located in Vancouver, Washington and currently has a population of 714 inmates. The correctional facility is a low to medium security jail; the majority of inmates are convicted of non-violent crimes. The average length of stay for inmates within Clark County jail is just under 15 months. The Clark County jail has a medical unit that is considered highly effective. The center provides aid to confined individuals, but even with effective resources, the Clark County jail has experienced significant budget cuts. The prison has a total of 6 pods or cell blocks that are grouped based on crime committed.

Cowlitz County Jail

The Cowlitz County jail is located in Longview, Washington. The facility is relatively small, and houses mostly non-violent criminals. The Cowlitz County jail contains roughly 150 inmates, who are mostly convicted of drug crimes. As a result, the facility works closely with drug programs and the city’s drug courts to aid in rehabilitative efforts. The facility contains 8 cell blocks, labeled A through H, which contain roughly 20 inmates at a time. The majority of prisoners have cell mates, and as a result of its minimum-security status, the Cowlitz County jail is regarded as an interactive facility.

Kitsap County Jail

The Kitsap County jail is located in Port Orchard, Washington. The facility is a minimum to medium security prison that typically confines roughly 225 inmates at any given time. The typical prisoner within the facility is incarcerated for multiple misdemeanors or non-violent crimes. The Kitsap County jail roster, which is available online, offers the names of all inmates, their booking date, and their respective amount of bail.

Franklin County Jail

Located in Pasco, Washington, the Franklin County jail is a medium security correctional facility. Through the prison’s numerous educational and treatment programs the facility aims to rehabilitate its some 300 inmates. The Franklin County jail contains 6 separate housing units that contain various security levels. As a result of the prison’s minimal-security status, there is a considerable amount of turnover for the population. The Franklin County websites produces an updated roster, every 24 hours that contains bookings, releases, and a full list of all current inmates confined in the facility.

Thurston County Jail

The Thurston County jail is located in Olympia Washington. The correctional facility contains numerous programs and educational courses that aid in an inmate’s rehabilitation. The prison contains an online directory or roster that is available online which enables a person to search for an inmate, and his or her respective charge, bale amount, and booking date.

Clallam County Jail Roster

The Clallam County jail is located in Port Angeles, Washington. The facility operates at a bed capacity of 90, and processes nearly 3,000 bookings per year. The violations committed by the facility’s inmates are varied; from minor infractions to Murder 1, the Clallam County jail confines an eclectic mix of prisoners. As a result of the diversity, the Clallam County jail roster is one of the more comprehensive directories in the state.

Lewis County Jail

The Lewis County jail is located in Chehalis, Washington and is over sought by four key positions: the Jail Administrator, a Lieutenant, a Programs Sergeant, and an Administrative Secretary. In addition to utilizing its various resources and educational programs for the purpose of rehabilitation, the Lewis County jail offers a safe and secure environment for its employees and the inmates. The Lewis County jail roster lists all inmates alphabetically. On the jail roster one can view the respective arrest date, their bond type and amount, and a description of the violation committed.

Skagit County Jail

The Skagit County jail is located in Mount Vernon, Washington. The facility holds 226 inmates, both male and female. A full roster of the inmates can be found at the Skagit County jail’s website. The roster includes the inmate’s names, their identification numbers, their permissible visitation hours, the arrest dates, and their scheduled release. The Skagit County jail operates with nearly 200 beds, and a comprehensive medical service.

Whatcom County Jail Roster

The Whatcom County jail is a minimum-security prison located in Bellingham, Washington. The facility is located within the public safety building; it is not a separate building rather, a piece of a law enforcement plaza within the community. The Whatcom County jail roster, which is located on the prison’s website, is a database that requires the user to type in the inmates’ name. When the inmate is located, the roster will offer his location within the facility, the booking date, and the booking number.