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California County Jail

LA County Jail

LA County Jail is located in downtown Los Angeles. One of the largest challenges facing LA County Jail is that there is larger shares of individuals who come into LA County Jail have mental disorders. As a result, every inmate who enters the LA County Jail system receives a mental health screening.

Fresno County Jail

Fresno County Jail is overseen by the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. One of the highlights of the Fresno County Jail system is that it focuses on the rehabilitation of the inmates in its care. Fresno County Jail has a main building and an annex.

Sacramento County Jail

Sacramento County Jail is located in downtown Sacramento. SAC County Jail has housed several famous inmates, most notable the Unabomber. In light of budgetary shortfalls, the Sacramento County Jail has sought to find opportunities to save money, such as paroling inmates or consolidating into a single building.

Madera County Jail

Madera County Jail is run by the Madera County Department of Corrections. The Madera County Jail is located in Central California. Madera County Department of Corrections is devoted to ensuring the safety of the inmates, corrections officers, and community at large by operating the jail in according to California law.

Solano County Jail

Solano County Jail is one of the nine County Jails in the Bay-Delta area, and of the fifty eight across the state. The Solano County Jail operates in accord with the standards established by Corrections Standards Authority, a state organization.

Tehema County Jail

Tehema County Jail can house 227 inmates at a time. Inmates held in Tehema County Jail, as is the case with any California County Jail may be serving a sentence handed down by the local court, awaiting trial, or being transported from one jail to another, whether between state facilities or County Jails.

Placer County Jail

Placer County Jail includes a maximum security module, two modules to house male inmates, and another for female inmates. Placer County Jail can hold three hundred fifty two inmates. The modern facility has been expanded multiple times since its origins in World War II army warehouses.

Marin County Jail

Marin County Jail is governed by the Marin County Sheriff's Office Detention Services Bureau. Marin County Jail works with the Marin County Probation Office to oversee the sentences of more than two hundred individuals who have been sentenced by the Marin County Court.

Kern County Jail

The Kern County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the governing of Kern County Jail. More than one quarter of the staff of the Kern County Sheriff's Office works as deputies in the Kern County Jail. Individuals in the Kern County Jail may be serving a sentence, awaiting trial, or being transported between jails.