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Don’t Break Your Probation Violation

Don't Break Your Probation Violation

When an offender is placed on probation, he/she is required to adhere to the specific conditions associated with his/her probation. The terms will vary from one individual to another, based upon his/her specific case. In most instances, an offender will be required to report to his/her probation officer on a regular basis. This may be every 24 hours or every few days, depending upon the terms specified. If he/she fails to report to his/her probation officer, he/she has take part in probation violation. 
It is likely that an offender will be prohibited from leaving the immediate area without informing his/her probation officer. An individual will also be required to take part in routine drug tests. If a drug test indicates that an individual has been using illegal substances, he/she can receive further punishment for his/her probation violation. Adult offenders may be required to maintain a steady job and diligently attend counseling sessions. Violating any of these conditions can have serious implications for an offender.
If an individual violates the conditions of his/her probation, his/her probation officer is required to report it to the court. A probation officer also has the ability to incarcerate an individual while petition the court regarding the offending violation of probation. If the defendant is not able to prove that he/she is innocent of the accusations, he/she may be subject to additional punishment. 
The probation officer can request that new terms be created for the individual’s probation. The court may decide that imprisonment is necessary, and the offender will be required to complete a prison sentence. It is vital that an individual comply with the conditions of his/her probation, in order to avoid serious repercussions.