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Alabama Department of Corrections

Alabama Department of Corrections

The Alabama Department of Corrections is currently headed by Commissioner Richard Allen and Chief Deputy Commissioner Vernon Barrett. The Alabama Department of Corrections, or ADOC, as it is sometimes called, is in charge of the prison system of Alabama on the state level. 
The Alabama Department of Corrections has jurisdiction over 19 different major institutions, including the Bibb Correctional Facility, the Draper Correctional Facility, the Kilby Correctional Facility, and the Tutwiler Annex. The ADOC also has jurisdiction over 13 work centers and 2 community work camps. The Alabama Department of Corrections has an overall population of close to 32,000 individuals in its jurisdiction, while only 27,000 of those individuals are held in custody by the ADOC.
The Alabama Department of Corrections offers a re-entry program for those individuals who are within 30-90 days of their parole or re-entry date. The purpose of this program, as set forward by the ADOC, is to decrease the rates of recidivism in Alabama, such that those inmates who are released will not wind up back within the system of the Alabama Department of Corrections. 
Furthermore, the purpose of these programs is also to make sure these individuals can find a job for themselves and can become productive members of society, as well as to ensure that public safety is maintained. Programs involved in this ADOC re-entry program include drug addiction and alcohol addiction recovery programs, faith-based programs, family re-integration programs, and career-building programs.



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