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Wisconsin Inmate Search

Wisconsin Inmate Search

For those interested in obtaining information on inmates within the Wisconsin Department of Corrections system, there is no prison inmate search immediately available on the Wisconsin Department of Corrections website. This is likely because the Wisconsin Department of Corrections deemed it either unnecessary or too costly to have a Wisconsin inmate search available immediately online, unlike many other states. 
Thus, for those interested in obtaining the services of a Wisconsin inmate search, a different resource must be used. Alternatively, searchers could choose to call the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Records Office, and could thus perform a prison inmate search over the phone, as the information would still be available to searchers through that route.
An alternative means of performing a Wisconsin inmate search is to use a tool called VINELink. VINELink is supported with information directly from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and it serves the purpose of a prison inmate search service in Wisconsin. It is available online, and allows searchers to look for information on offenders and inmates within the Wisconsin penal system. 
VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Every day, and it is a service set up in order to help victims to ensure that they can keep track of criminal’s whereabouts. VINELink requires registration in order to use its prison inmate search. It also has a Wisconsin inmate search which is available over the phone, similar to the Department of Corrections prison inmate search.  



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