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Brazos County Jail

Brazos County Jail

The Brazos County Jail houses both male and female inmates, but they are housed in different areas. Like every County Jail, the main focus is on ensuring the safety of prisoners and staff, while inmates are serving time. The safety of everyone in the facility is ensured through various programs which are attended by staff members. Staff at the Brazos County Jail studies ways to prevent issues that put each individual’s safety in jeopardy, as well as the best manner of handling situations that do arise.
In addition to watching for safety issues, the staff also watches inmates to ensure that all of their health, medical and dental needs are met by the medical staff. The staff at the Brazos County Jail has been trained to watch for specific types of medical issues which can often arise in prisons, such as overdose and communicable disease.
Like many of the County prisons in Texas, there is also a focus on providing opportunities for inmates to better their quality of life. Inmates may have the opportunity to learn skills, such as mechanical work, which could help them find gainful employment once they are released from jail.
Inmates at the Brazos County Jail also have access to educational opportunities which can allow them to explore differing employment opportunities. They may in fact receive employment counseling which can help them to explore options they may not have considered before. 



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