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Pennsylvania Inmate Search

Pennsylvania Inmate Search

For someone looking to perform an inmate data search on Pennsylvania inmates, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is the best source. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections features the PA inmate locator, which is a search tool designed to help searchers identify and locate inmates in Pennsylvania. The PA inmate locator tool may be located on the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections website. 

The inmate data search performed with the PA inmate locator tool involves first entering the name of the inmate being searched, along with other pertinent information such as the inmate's identification number, race, sex, committing county, location, and citizenship, although a number of these information boxes can be left empty if the information is unknown.

The PA inmate locator will then provide a list of potential matches to the searched information. The inmate data search tool will provide information on the current location of these potential matches, as well as their potential aliases and any of the other pieces of information which the searcher did not initially fill in. The PA inmate locator is relatively limited in the information it provides, however, in that it will not provide information such as photos of the inmates, or lists of their convictions and the crimes which they have committed. 

This inmate data search also will not provide information concerning the exact status of inmates who may have been paroled or put on probation. This is because the PA inmate locator was of course designed primarily to allow searchers to locate inmates, and not to provide a great deal of information about those inmates.  If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Pennsylvania lawyers.