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Gregg County Jail

Gregg County Jail

The Gregg County Jail is utilized to house prisoners that have been accused of or found guilty of committing a crime in that county. The jail is utilized to enforce punishments against those that have been found guilty of crimes which include a short sentence. In addition, the Gregg County Jail is utilized to house inmates that have been found guilty of less serious offenses, as those that have committed serious offenses are often housed in State or Federal prisons.
The main purpose of any jail is to punish those that have committed crimes. However, in recent years, the focus has also included rehabilitation of offenders,  so that they are less likely to commit crimes once they are released from jail and Gregg County Jail is no different.
In addition to providing basic medical services, the Gregg County Jail also helps prisoners to care for their mental health. There are basic counseling services available so that prisoners can confront issues that may have led them to commit a crime. In addition, inmates can confront drug and alcohol addictions, abuse, and anger management issues. There would like be individual counseling, as well as group sessions available for inmates.
 County jails like the Gregg County Jail, allow inmates to access many types of services which are meant to improve their quality of life while they remain in prison and once they are released. In fact, inmates have access to medical, psychological, educational and vocational services while they are inmates. 



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