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Can Inmates Receive Care Packages?

Can Inmates Receive Care Packages?

Most prison facilities will allow for families and friends to send loved ones that are incarcerated certain items that the inmate inside may need. These are generally known as inmate care packages. However, depending on each correctional facility, there are certain regulations in place that will restrict certain items that cannot be included in inmate care packages. 
It is important for those seeking to send inmate care packages that the regulations and restrictions be known in order to make sure that a particular inmate will receive everything that is sent. Correction facility officers and staff will always check the contents of inmate care packages to make sure that illegal contraband such as drugs or weapons will not make their way into the facility.
The materials and items that can be included in inmate care packages will be provided on a list by the facility. However, generally speaking, these items will usually consist of leisure materials and items, such as books, magazines, and, photographs. Clothing and food items can sometimes also be included, though these may be more restricted by the prison facility. 
Some penitentiaries will even allow for entertainment devices, such as radios, CD players, MP3 players, and hand held video games to be included in inmate care packages. Items that have either extremely violent or sexually explicit material are not allowed and prohibited.
Along with knowing the particular items that are allowed to be sent in an inmate care package, it is also important to know when such packages can be sent. Many prisons will have a deadline by which inmate care packages can be received, such as on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, inmate care packages may also be restricted to weigh less than the thirty pounds.



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