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Williamson County Jail

Williamson County Jail

The Williamson County Jail is located in Georgetown Texas. Inmates that have been accused of crimes or found guilty of crimes on the county level, are housed at the Williamson County Jail. Males and females have separate housing, but both are provided with opportunities to improve their quality of life while they are in jail.
Every county jail has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for staff and inmates. In addition to preventing fights and the presence of illicit drugs, county jail staff also has a responsibility to watch for symptoms of illness, including mental illness. The medical and counseling staff can then attend to any issues that have been noticed by staff members or by inmates.
In addition to providing for inmates basic needs many county jails, including the Williamson County Jail allow inmates to access social and counseling services. These services combine to provide inmates with the opportunity to confront issues that may have lowered their quality of life, including addictions and abuse.
Inmates also have access to educational and vocational opportunities so that  they can have better employment options once they are released from prison. Inmates have access to classes which can include basic life skills such as math and reading. In addition, inmates may have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, such as mechanical skills so that they could work in the auto industry or other industries which involve that type of knowledge. 



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