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Kentucky County Jail

Kentucky County Jail

County jails are facilities used to detain criminals for a relatively short duration of time. They are used for individuals who are awaiting trial dates, those who have been arrested overnight, and even some who have been sentenced to under a year of imprisonment.

McCracken County Jail
McCracken County jail is a one of the many correctional facilities in Kentucky. The mission of McCracken County jail is to provide fair treatment for individuals who are staying within McCracken’s jailing system, as well as provide the county and subsequently the state with a safer community. McCracken county jail provides programming opportunities and various support groups for the inmates, to guide them onto a better path.
Barren County Jail

Barren County jail is the typical jailing facility that can be found throughout the nation. The goal of Barren County jail is to protect the community, and to take care of the inmates who are being held in their facility. Barren County inmates receive 3 meals a day, showering facilities, medical care, and various other amenities. Barren County also provides educational courses and other programs to positively impact the inmates.

Warren County Jail

Warren County jail’s main objective is to dissuade the return of an inmate to a life of crime. In order to do this, the Warren county jail provides ample opportunities for education, social skill building, and spiritual enlightenment, in order to give inmates the tools necessary to rebuild their lives and to be able to go back into the community, and contribute to the greater whole.
Fayette County Jail

Fayette County jail is a holding facility for those who are serving shorter sentences, or individuals who are awaiting their trial date. In this facility, the individuals who are deemed fit are allowed to participate in numerous community service activities. Some of these activities are manual garbage clean-ups, to help keep the public beautiful. However, there also have been relief programs, in which individuals helped create care packages of supplies for those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Hopkins County Jail

Hopkins County jail is a facility dedicated to the protection of the general public through the detainment of inmates, as well as the reformation of inmates through focused socialized courses and models. Essentially, Hopkins County provides various types of courses like Criminal Thinking Error and Anger Management programs, in order to work on the issues and insecurities of individuals within the jail. In doing so, they hope to impart alternatives and choices that individuals can use, in lieu of criminal behavior. 



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