Lane County Jail

The Lane county jail is located in Eugene Oregon. The Lane county Sheriff states that his mission is to ," serve as the premier law enforcement and correction agency in
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Jackson County Jail

The mission statement of the Jackson Sheriff's department states that they will, "protect the community by maintaining the safety, security, order, discipline and Constitutional rights of incarcerated persons in the
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Columbia County Jail

The Columbia county jail is located in St Helens, Oregon. The jail has hundreds of beds for male and female inmates. In addition to providing for the inmate's basic needs,
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Yamhill County Jail

Yamhill county jail is located in McMinnville, Oregon. The Yamhill County jail provides basic services for inmates such as dental care, medical care, educational programs and counseling. Like most county
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Umatilla County Jail

The Umatilla County jail is run by the Sheriff’s department in that county. The facility has over two hundred and
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Oregon County Jail

Multnomah county jail  The Multnomah county jail is located in Portland, Oregon and handles inmates from the entire county. The
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Multnomah County Jail

Multnomah county jail is located in Portland Oregon and it hold inmates that have been found guilty or are facing
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Marion County Jail

The Marion county jail is located in Salem, Oregon. Like most county jails, the facility has hundreds of beds in order to house inmates that have been accused or convicted
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